Available courses

Foundations in commercial awareness

An ECITB approved elearning course to build a foundation level of commercial awareness throughout your project teams. The Engineering Construction Industry Training Board is the official skills, standards and qualifications body in the UK

EPC Contract & Risk Essentials

This course provides essential knowledge about contract management on international EPC projects.

Claim survival guide

A series of micro elearning courses on successful claim preparation or defence on EPC projects

Schedule Delay Analysis

This online course introduces the principles of forensic delay analysis and how schedule impact is assessed using different techniques

PMP study program

Online study group program providing a structured and community centred approach to preparing for the PMP® examination

Assessing change impact

This elearning course presents the key skills and considerations needed for a realistic assessment of the full cost of change in EPC projects

Digital team based programs & Corporate MOOCs

Fast, effective, collaborative & up to 70% cost reduction – these are the hallmarks of digital team-based programs. An innovative online format for the delivery & facilitation of essential knowledge or to support critical organisation change where high numbers of employees and/or geographically distributed groups are involved