Available courses

Foundations in Commercial Awareness

A foundation elearning course for EPC contractor professionals who want to raise their commercial awareness of EPC projects.

Engineering Construction Claims Tool

The Engineering Construction Claims Tool provides an essential “7 Key Factors” framework to guide you in preparing or defending an engineering construction claim. 

Change, Claim and Time Essentials

A foundation level course providing learners with an understanding of the key factors in executing EPC contracts, enabling them to better influence commercially successful project outcomes.

EPC Contract & Risk Essentials

A foundation course for EPC contractor professionals who want to raise their awareness about risk, change and contract management principles in EPC project execution.

Schedule Delay Analysis for EOT Claims

Introducing the principles of forensic delay analysis and how schedule impact is assessed using different techniques.

Foundations in Stakeholder Management

A foundation course covering project management processes of identification and analysis used for planning stakeholder management strategies.

Leading Complex Projects

9-12 month course for experienced project leaders in complex engineering construction environments requiring a structured approach to developing complex project management competencies.

Contracts for engineers

Providing a pragmatic view of pre and post contract essentials for engineers involved with engineering, procurement and construction projects of any size.

Competitive Tendering

For project professionals responsible for winning contracts through improved strategy, positioning activities and increased bid-winning opportunities.

Foundations in Commercial Awareness

A foundation virtual course for EPC contractor professionals who want to raise their commercial awareness of EPC projects.

Applied Risk Management

Introduces the principles of risk management and the effective implementation of these in engineering and construction projects.

Estimating Methodology & Practice

This course provides an introduction to estimating methodology and practice and working as an estimator in the Engineering Construction and allied industries.

Fact Witness workshop

A workshop to prepare a case for arbitration or litigation, providing an opportunity to experience first-hand cross-examination by a leading construction barrister under “safe conditions”.

Negotiation Skills and Strategies for Project Professionals

Negotiation Skills and Strategies is a highly participative and interactive training course that focuses on achieving win-win outcomes in typical procurement, contract, change and claim negotiations in EPC (engineering, construction, procurement) projects.

Digital Team Based Programs & Corporate MOOCs

Fast, effective, collaborative & up to 70% cost reduction – these are the hallmarks of digital team-based programs. An innovative online format for the delivery & facilitation of essential knowledge or to support critical organisation change where high numbers of employees and/or geographically distributed groups are involved